Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Pumpkin Borg

I bought the seeds innocently enough, but the plants seem to have taken over my veg patch. The pumpkins. I suppose I knew they tend to make big plants, but this was supposed to be a smaller variety, and the instructions said plant them one metre apart so I figured they wouldn't get too big. But they've taken over. And the galia melon, watermelon and butternut squash plants that I swear I planted at the same time seem to have disappeared. Destroyed or assimilated by malevolent pumpkins! These pumpkins must be the Borg in disguise.

As a child I never made a pumpkin lantern, a serious omission in any western upbringing, I think. So, assuming that it ripens properly, this one in the picture will be hollowed out, carved, have a candle placed inside, and be used for some fun illumination.

Fench for Pumpkin is (le) potiron, which I just think has a nice sound to it :)


ReedBunting said...

I have never made a pumpkin lantern either! Have fun carving yours - maybe you can post a picture at Halloween!

Tim Trent said...

Did you?

nikita said...

LOL!!!!!!!!! I was laughing myself to stitches for your writing - This pumpkin is similar to our pumpkin from South Africa - see this

and the big white pumpkin here: Afrikaans name: Boer Pampoen - Boer dutch for farmer
The BEST pumpkin EVER - very very delicious.

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