Thursday, 15 July 2010

Bastille Day

The French revolution is celebrated on the 14th July, the day of the famous storming of the Bastille. This event was almost wholly symbolic, since very few people were released from captivity as a result.

At St Suzanne, the celebrations start on the evening of the 13th, with a concert by the Harmonie, followed by a parade through the town of children with chinese lanterns, then the fireworks. This year was a bit special, in that some of the side-streets have been renovated during the past year, so the Harmonie did a little parade through them as a form of inauguration ceremony. The evening terminates with the "Firemen's Ball" which is a very informal excuse for socialising, dancing and getting drunk.

Here is a clip from the street parade, and one of the fireworks display.


Tim Trent said...

Wasn't there just a single prisoner left in the place?

I tend to remember the date. It's my wedding anniversary!

the fly in the web said...

The fire brigade ball always seems to be bacchanalian for some reason.

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