Thursday, 16 September 2010

Garden Update

The drought this Summer has checked the growth of the Dahlias somewhat, but the other plants are doing well enough. This is a small view of the end of a flower bed round the back of the lodge.

Along the front of the bed are Sage plants, this is their third Summer. They are quite drought-resistant, and have flowered well, starting to leaf out again now we have had a little rain. The big pink mass in the middle is Sedum, another plant that copes well with dry weather.

Surrounding the Sedum are three types of Dahlia, each with lilac flowers, in dark lilac, a lighter lilac, and light lilac with white flecks. To the right of the Sedum you can see the Lupin-leaves of several Tree Lupins. They are self-seeded, this is their first year; they will grow to about a metre high next year, cover themselves with highly scented Lupin-like flowers in shades of white to pale blue, then die, to grow again from seed. I like this shrub, though it takes a little trouble. Any readers who want some seed can email their addresses privately and I'll send some.

Then, at the back of the bed, from left to right, some Pampas grass, a gift from Leo, some seed spikes of spent Hollyhocks, a Prunus shrub and a few blooms of Ron's Orange Dahlia can be seen.

That's all, folks :)

1 comment:

the fly in the web said...

My tree lupins started off yellow...with a few white...then over the years the white took over.

I do like the sedum.

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