Friday, 1 October 2010

Reaping what you sow

I've mentioned here my recent enthusiasm for hardwood cuttings. I taking more this year, with a view to expanding the number of rose plants in my garden. I like scented roses in particular, so I am taking cuttings from the red climbing rose "Ena Harkness" and other, old-fashioned scented roses that I have. I am also taking cuttings from the plants from my friend Leo down the road, as he prunes his, and have given him some of mine. What a fine way of economising on plant purchases!

The weather has just turned a bit wet after the Summer drought, and this means that with the still-warm days, and moist soil, the cuttings stand a chance of growing a bit, and surviving the Winter to come. Here they all are, lined up and labelled in my veg patch.

Some of last year's cuttings have survived, making small but healthy plants, and I have planted these out beside my driveway. I am hoping that they will perfume the air for people arriving on foot.

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Molly Potter said...

Summer drought?
Oh yes - you're in France,

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