Monday, 11 April 2011

Joint concert

The Harmonie of St Suzanne joined with the Harmonie of Louvingé du Désert on Saturday afternoon to give a joint, free public concert in the evening. We were "at home" at St Suzanne and the afternoon started with a communal lunch, and continued with a visit to St Suzanne. The main visit concentrated on the medieval town centre, but we were able to give our two lunchtime companions a more personalised visit, with a ramble along the river valley and views of the old town from the Tertre Ganne opposite.

At 6:00 we did a joint rehearsal, had a light snack and the concert started at 8:30. We did the first half, the Harmonie from Louvigné did the second half and we all got together at the end for a couple of pieces together. A great way to spend a Saturday afternoon and evening, and we made some friends into the bargain. We will have a return visit in December. Looking forward.

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