Monday, 25 April 2011

A quick trip round the garden

When I lived in High Wycombe, I bought a scarlet perennial poppy plant. Its brash, bright flowers were pleasing on the eye, but I decided that I had planted it in the wrong place. Come the Autumn, I dug it up and moved it to where I thought it would be better suited. This resulted in two plants; one in the new place and another that grew from the roots left behind in the old place. It so happened that I decided that the new place was wrong too, so I repeated the process. After a few years of this, I would be greeted every Springtime with myriad bright, brash, cheerful poppy blooms, almost all of them in the wrong place.

I found this kind of endearing, (some would say because it encapsulates my approach to ensemble music-making, but I don't pay any attention to this) and perennial poppies have been a firm favourite of mine ever since. I usually buy them as plants, because I don't seem to have much luck growing them from seed. (Any hints and tips welcome).

This spring, the poppy "Aurora" in particular seems to be growing like a Triffid, and is the the first to bloom. Here's a pic, with some others from around the garden.

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