Friday, 3 March 2017

Limoges - fine lunches

Many french restaurants can be a bit ordinary, but we had lunch at a couple of places, both of which seemed to us to be rather better than the usual.

The first one was this little place called Le Croquembouche.  They claim savoury home-made pies, plus a new menu every day.  We got the last unreserved places when we arrived just after mid-day; always a good sign.

The patron was enthusiastic; polite and professional with strangers like us, and warm in his welcome towards what appeared to be regular customers.  At one point, some regulars came in and one ordered, as part of the meal, a chocolate tart that was in short supply.  So he called the waitress over, apologised to her for interrupting her workflow, and asked her to save one for his guest.  A pro.

When he asked me how I liked my steak, I asked him if it was tender, and he told me yes (Limousin, he said proudly).  I chose rare, and it arrived rare and tender.   Anita also was very pleased with the home-made fish pie that she chose.  All served with a glass of good wine, several options available.  A cut above the average lunchtime diner, not expensive either.

The other restaurant was a pizza place, the Metropolitain, done up to resemble a metro station.  The boss told us that he competes in the international pizza competitions in Italy, though I didn't ask him if he ever won anything.  He served a very fine pizza, fresh ingredients, proper mozzarella cheese.

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James Higham said...

That's the sort of thing I'd love to be experiencing. Sadly, over here ....

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