Sunday, 15 February 2009

Earth-moving equipment

A sharp frost is followed by a still, cloudless morning. Ideal for getting into the garden and doing some physical work as the sun soothes the warmth back into the soil.

Winter time doesn't present much in the way of opportunity to practice the tender arts of plant care so most of my activity is about moving lots of heavy stuff from where it is, to where I need it. Today is no exception, and I am moving some of a big pile of topsoil, left over from the renovations, to a new flower bed and shrubbery I am creating around the back of the lodge.

After this, I can put the first plants in: A Hebe, some Lavender, a Viburnum and a box that I will let grow as a shrub, for some evergreen colour. To follow: A Mahonia Aquifolium.

I am about 1/4 through the heap of soil; the pile of stones in the foreground being removed as I go.

The result: A nice bed, ready for planting.

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