Saturday 31 January 2009

Ill winds

It's an ill wind blows nobody any good. What a wonderful saying; the word "ill" here being closer to its ancient meaning of evil or malicious. i.e. a wind has to be truly malevolent, if nobody at all benefits from it.

Well the recent tempests here have downed many trees, especially in the central areas of France. In this quieter corner of NW France, there's a tree that has been blown down in the valley by the river, and the deal with the village is that if I shred the debris I get to keep it, so I can use the shredded wood as a mulch on my flower beds. Tomorrow morning it's off to the river with my trusty shredder, gloves, ear plugs and trailer to do a civic favour, shred the wood and benefit my garden, all in one.

A job to be done

A satisfying result
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