Sunday, 5 April 2009

Spring Concert

It was the Spring Concert for the Harmonie on Saturday. We all bundled into the local church at St Suzanne, and played a free concert for anyone who wanted to come and listen. Great fun! We were trying out some new pieces that we have only just started with, combined with some old favourites. Some went well, others need a bit more work. But we had a good time, and so did the audience.

The band in full swing

Aurélie-the-piccolo wasn't able to be there, so I played some of her solos on the flute, an octave higher to get the right pitch, if not the sound colour. I get a bit stressed out by solos, but our conductor is a great psychologist and usually manages to relax me. This time he did a stellar job and the solos were cool :)

The programme included Simple Gifts, The Magnificent Seven, the music from the film The Incredibles, Bach's Air from Suite No. 3 ("On a g string"), Solas Ané, a medieval gaillarde, and others. And we finished up with drinks and bikkies in our rehearsal room. A nice night out.

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Jonathan said...

What a varied programme. It sounds great fun. The Magnificent Seven was my favourite films for a while as a kid, largely because of the music. I don't envy you playing up there on the flute. (I was once given a load of flute runs, transposed, to play on the clarinet. For 'Copacabana' I think. No one told me until afterwards and there I was wondering why I could hardly play them.) Well done I say!

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