Wednesday, 8 July 2009


I'm waiting for a potential client to arrive. He phoned this morning from Angers, said he'd be passing, looking for a place for a family re-union next year. Sounds like our thing, so he's coming round later this morning.

Meanwhile, the hollyhocks are growing like weeds. This particular specimen must be a good 4 metres high. I like the single ones for their pure pink-to-red shades, and the double ones are like strings of powder puffs. You do have to spray them against rust fungus though, which would otherwise be devastating.


Lia said...

I do so adore Hollyhocks, unfortunately we had to dig ours out last year because of rust, we couldn't find anything organic to cure the problem, so we will be without them for a few years.

Yours are looking grand, i must say I am rather envious lol.

Hope your meeting goes well today.
much love,
Lia xx

Tim Trent said...

Several(!) years ago, when Arthur Askey was not only alive, but appearing in pantomine at the Wimbledon Theatre, I took my seven year old cousin and her mother my aunt to see it and thus him. And he mentioned Hollyhocks.

"Hollyhocks," he said, "are partial to beer, but it must be diluted. So, everynight, I drink two pints of beer...

And I go down the garden to my hollyhocks...

And I stand in front of the hollyhocks, having had my two pints of beer a good half hour beforehand...

And I breathe on them!

Now what's wrong with that?"

Lia said...

I found the above link today, it's amazing, it is in French and I am too stupid to have ever learnt French, but as I sat looking at it thinking oh good grief Lia, that'll teach you to have messed about in the back of the class! you came to mind.
So I am sending you the link, if nothing else, I think you will find it interesting.
Much love,
Lia xx

Cogitator said...

Tim: Sounds like Arthur Askey! I've never tried beer on Hollyhocks before, but I'm sure that my diltion would be with water!

Lia, nice link, thank you!

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