Monday, 27 July 2009


I didn't know this was a plum tree: the first year it did nothing at all, the second year it made a few tiny, hard green marbles that fell off. This year it is festooned with plums. They have a different flavour if you eat them straight from the tree. Not more sweet than what you buy in the shops, but different, tastier.

The double hollyhocks look like little powder puffs threaded onto a string.


Lia said...

Those double Hollyhocks are beautiful, you could sell those seeds, I would certainly buy some, they are delightful.
We use to have a grand plum tree that grew between out garden and our neighbours. When the old boy next door lived there we would share the fruits and he asked me one day to make a plum upside down cake, as he hated pineapple, but liked the cake. Anyway it turned out great and we made jams from it as well as so many other things, plum upside down cake is a family fav these days and I still take one to the home for the old boy, but I don't have the heart to say that the new neighbours ripped the tree down. Seriously try and make one, it's so much nicer than with pineapple.
Much love Lia xx

Cogitator said...

I really like the spirit of a guy who likes the upside-down cake, but not the pineapple, so he goes for plums instead. A man after my own heart!

You could have some seeds from my hollyhocks if you like, but they are just from a packet I bough last year to see what came up. They are quite cute, though.

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