Saturday, 7 November 2009

Cooking Experience

The Relais Gué de Selle is is a hotel about 40 minutes drive from us, that has a good restaurant. The chef there gives practical cooking workshops, and the wife and I went along to suss the place out.

The theme for the morning was volaille (poultry), which to my surprise included rabbit. So the 7 of us on the workshop learned cooking techniques and stuffing methods for chicken, guinea fowl, rabbit and duck. All good fun, and it was interesting to try some new techniques.

The hard part was eating it all at lunch. Yep, starter, 4 main courses, and dessert. Bang goes my weight-reduction programme, at least for a few days while I reset.

The hotel's lakeside location is an asset, and that and the gardens form a pleasant backdrop to any meal. The treehouse is guest accommodation too, and has been finished for over a year but not used. Why not? It's 0.6 square metres too large in area to avoid the need for planning permission, and this has not been granted. Moral? Stay the right side of the mayor.


@eloh said...

Really nice, I love how the different style plates are used. As they say, looks are a major part of the meal.

Sad about the tree house, looks fun.

Beautiful pictures, as always.

Jonathan said...

Beautifully presented food.

And do I sense any inspiration for extra guest accommodation chez vous?

Cogitator said...

Thanks, Eloh and Jon. Yes, it looked good and tastd pretty good too!

The treehouse has all mod cons, including electricity and a dry toilet, but washing and showering must be done inside the main building. I also have a couple of wonderful mature walnut trees (see previous posts). But the investment required was 35,000 euros or thereabouts, and although I think it would be a fabulous thing to have, I've spent all my money on the existing buildings, at least for the moment.

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