Saturday, 17 April 2010

Child-friendly cereal

When I was younger I had two books of poems by Hilaire Belloc, entitled, I think, "A Bad Child's Book of Beasts", and "More Beasts for Worse Children". I rather got the impression that Mr Belloc had a dim view of children, from this little gem, among others:

The tiger, on the other hand,
Is kittenish and mild,
And makes a pretty playfellow
For any little child.
And mothers of large families
(Who claim to common sense)
Will find a tiger well repays
The trouble and expense.

I noted the title of this breakfast cereal aimed at children.


ReedBunting said...

Yum! It even gives you gout too, bonus!

Mark said...

I like Hilaire Bellos, especially the cautionary tales, which I can still recite by heart.

There was a boy whose name was Jim
His friends were very good to him
They gave him tea and cakes ....

Anonymous said...

Hilaire Belloc? Didn't he write a poem called 'There was a boy whose name was Jim...?' It was all about a lion eating the boy bit by bit. My favourite all time childhood poem!
Hummm, Chokella - yeah, I am forever telling my boys to stop mucking around at the table for that very reason...

Molly Potter said...

this is a post a little different from others...are you branching out Codgi?

the fly in the web said...

And just what has Ella done to you....?
I too like and liked Hilaire Belloc..

'Always keep ahold of nurse
For fear of finding something worse'

If Labour win the election it will be because people follow Belloc's advice.

Lia said...

I take it you don't want to encourage people to bring their kids to your little piece of France.
Can't say I blame you apart from my own and a few other kids of the family, I feel like choking them often, but even I draw the line at giving them gout!!!!!!!!!!

much love

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