Sunday, 11 April 2010

House for sale

There's a pretty little house for sale in St Pierre, not far from the footbridge. About 172,000 euros, if you're interested. Agents are Century 21 in Laval or Evron.


Lia said...

What a lovely little place.
I would buy it in a heart beat if only I could.

oh well back to day dreaming.

much love

Molly Potter said...

I suppose I could use another house.

Alright then.

Mark said...

I looked on the agents site; four or five years time and I'd have been very keen. Stunning value compared to the UK.

Jonathan said...

It looks like the kind of place where Gandalf would call round for tea. Very dreamy.

@eloh said...

I loved this post, as well as the Old mill picture you posted a couple days ago.

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