Friday, 21 May 2010

Garden tour

The wife's favourite flower is the flag Iris, and by happy coincidence, this plant thrives in the soil here at Les Hallais. The earlier ones are in bloom right now, so we can take a stroll round the garden and have a look.

On the left below is a little snow in summer plant, on the right a river of catnip. My old cat has a routine in the mornings: He comes down and eats, then goes out and rolls in the catnip. He comes back in high as a kite, and races around the house, attacking the other cat if he's around. Then he falls asleep. He's a druggie.

This white flower is about 2 feet high, and is growing in a little corner. The wife thinks it's a weed, but I don't. I have no idea what it is though. On the right, my attempts to provide some decent growing conditions for a hazelnut sapling.

This shrub sits in the lawn, and is just festooned with white flowers.

This flower bed owes its shape to a happy accident in laying out stones. The curves at the front edge of it save it from a stark rectangular look, and also serve as a souvenir of its construction. The perennial poppy "Aurora" is the first of my poppies out this year.

Finally, a sight (and sound) just down the road, that I'm sure i will never tire of.


@eloh said...

Loved the short video. I've been loving all the flowers... please more peony pictures. They are my favorites and I am again this year trying. Alabama is too hot but I have seen three bushes growing here in the last thirty years so I know it can be done.

Peony is the spelling here. Funny story... when I first moved to Alabama a neighbor kept making a big deal over a little sprout sticking out of the ground and how he was trying to grow a Peee'Owneee. It was years before I understood the southern drawl and realized he was saying peony.

Tim Trent said...

We're just hoping our new, solitary flag iris will grow in our Devon soil. It's well travelled. It came down river on the boat form Totnes!

Tim Trent said...

I've reciprocated, with a short tour of our front garden.

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