Thursday, 29 July 2010

By bike to St Suzanne

When I were a lad, I'd go exploring the hinterlands of my home town, Fareham, on my bike, of a Sunday morning. I'd set off at a random time, without a wristwatch or navigation aid, and go exploring towns and villages I didn't know, generally trying to get lost. At some point in the morning, the idea would strike to go home, so I'd take what I thought was the most promising direction, and off I went. I would always get back just as lunch was being served. It was uncanny.

My special "explore the French countryside on a new bike" present to myself of a few years ago has been gathering dust in the shed all this year. But a quick pump up of the tyres and it's ready for action, and I took it to St Suzanne. OK, to be accurate, I took it to the river valley part of St Suzanne, not all the way up the hill to the castle, but I like river valleys anyway.


Jonathan said...

And not a car to be seen, in the pictures anyway. That really is a bonus.

Mark said...

Looks like a nice ride.

On a techy note your saddle looks low on the bike. Most people ride with them too low, which drastically reduces pedalling efficiency - as a quick test if you put your heel on the pedal your leg should be absolutely straight

Cogitator said...

There are really not many cars on the French byways, even now, during the holiday season. The trunk roads get clogged with famously long jams, but generally the absence of traffic makes both biking and driving a pleasure.

Mark, thanks for the tech help, but I have quite short legs, so I think it's about right. However, I'll try putting my heel on as you suggest, to check.

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