Sunday, 5 September 2010

H2 Handy Recorder

I bought myself a portable sound recorder last week, an H2 "Handy recorder" manufactured by Zoom, via Thomann, an internet music equipment vendor. It's a neat device, with lots of features, and I'll use it mainly to record my flute practice so I can hear what I sound like.

Thomann like to do "packages" of multiple products so that you spend more, but the price for the recorder alone was the same price as the recorder plus headphones, so I got them thrown in. I also bought an SD memory card for 25 euros but it only cost 15 because it brought the order price to the level that meant the 10 euros postage was waived.

It comes with accessories, including feet, so it can stand up, and a little hat to keep its ears warm when it's windy.

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Jonathan said...

I've been using an H4 for a couple of years or so now and find it excellent. I can't say I've really needed the 4track facility but have used it on occasions, mostly so I know that I could if I had to. The wind shield blew away one windy day in Walberswick when I was doing some location recording. I hadn't had the thing very long at that point so can't say how effective it was. I now use a wind shield from another mic - it stays on but that's about all it does! I look forward to some interesting sonic offerings from across the chanel.

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