Friday, 4 February 2011

Watching a "Yes" DVD

With a cat.


Jonathan said...

Yes? A couple of great, even sublime albums followed by a load of overblown twaddle. (Some of which I paid good money for - Tales From Topographic Oceans anyone? Or maybe I should give it one last spin, the first for two, maybe three, decades before turning it into a pair of matching plant pots.)

Lia said...

I see the cat has very discerning taste in music, but then cat is your cat so I shouldn't expect any less of the cat.

much love

Mark In Mayenne said...

You are right, J, a couple of good ones, then a change. Fragile and Close to the Edge are quite special.

Topographic oceans - awful, and did they do one called Tormato? That was really bad.

But I do like Relayer and 90125 too. More recent stuff I buy for nostalgia.

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