Thursday, 14 February 2013


St Valentine's day, in England at least, seems to have lost its saintly prefix, and is know simply as Valentine's day.

I have always know this day as a celebration of love, specifically sexual love.  In the UK one sends a card to one's beloved, or, if single, to someone you fancy.  A gift and/or a romantic meal is in order.  In the US, where greetings card manufactureres have had even more marketing success, it is also considered normal to send cards to family members; brothers, sisters, etc, a practice that would raise eyebrows in the UK.

In France, they announce, along with tomorrow's weather forecast on TF1, (the main national TV channel) the name of the saint associated with that day.   If one has the same forename as the saint, one is wished "bonne fête" by friends on the day.  And Valentine's day is known as St Valentine's day.

The card manufacturers in France are clearly missing a trick, because there are no cards to be found.  The day is certainly celebrated, and Marie who runs the restaurant down the road is offering a special romantic meal for the occasion.  But at Sunday lunch next weekend.

So here's some flowers, bought for my dear wife.  It's interesting to note that the addition of a great big spread of decorative paper around the flowers makes them look much bigger, and costs the vendor next to nothing.  Do they do that in the UK now?


James Higham said...

Aw, you old [youngish] romantic, you.

Helen Devries said...

Here it is Friendship Day.

I was talking to the bank guard about St. Valentine's Day customs and at the thought of taking his wife out for a meal or offering her flowers his eyes widened in horror.

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