Thursday, 5 December 2013

Kitchen revamp - 7

Well, the lights are up in the ceiling, and they seem to work.  I replaced the incandescent lights with LEDs and got a dimmer switch for them, that all seems to work.   You need a special type of dimmer for LEDs as opposed to incandescent lights, and the LEDs need to be of a type compatible with dimmers too.

The tiles are on the floor, I'm less happy about these.  Despite the use by the builder of self-leveling mortar, there was a slight but noticeable hollow in one part of the floor.  I compensated for this in the first line of tiles by putting extra cement under them, but it sagged a bit during the night.  Not a major problem, but the next row I put in next to them at the same height sagged also, so ended up slightly lower.  Not to be fooled twice, the row of tiles on the other side I raised up a little, but of course it didn't sag.  The grout hides a lot of the problem, but it's not as good as I would like.

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