Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Counterbalance for a gate

The fields around here, when they have a gate at all, have a big one.   It's so that lots of cows can squeeze through at the same time, and big bits of agricultural machinery can pass through too, though not at the same time as the cows.  They have to stand a bit of abuse too, so are built to be strong and long-lasting, which makes them heavy.

I came across this gate on a random bike ride today.  It doesn't have traditional hinges, but pivots on the left-hand post. The right-hand end of the gate rests on a cradle.  To open, you lift it off the cradle and walk the end in a 1/4-circle.

This is the first one I have seen with a dressed stone as a counterweight, and I particularly liked the holder that has been built for it, specially shaped.  The holes in the stone testify to a previous life, and the gate looks well-crafted.   I find a robust beauty in this sort of craftsmanship.

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