Monday, 27 October 2014

Autumn routines

There's a few tasks that come around regularly every year, according to the seasons.  Planting out the Tulip bulbs is one of them.  They have red flowers, chosen to match the colour of the paintwork on the gîte, and they normally go in the tubs that are placed in front of the swimming pool.

We have three new tubs this year.  These are necessitated by the fact that the gîte is designated as a building that accepts the general public, and as such there are government regulations that apply, in order to make the environs safe for all kinds of disabled people.   So you can't have sudden changes in the level of paths, etc in case someone might fall over.   And so in our case we have put plant pots in such a way as to stop the unwary, unseeing or stupid from stepping where they shouldn't.

The bulbs have been hanging up in the shed since they were pulled up after flowering, to keep them away from mice.   Some will go in this flower bed (I will plant dahlias on top when they finish) , and the rest will go into the new pots.


CherryPie said...

I like the angle of your new tubs, they are pleasing to my eye.

As to the government nonsense... I decline to comment!

James Higham said...

Much work there. Needs a pic of you two doing it though. :)

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