Thursday, 18 December 2014


We got this helpful little sheet in the post the other day, explaining to us how there are 35, yes 35 different organisations that manage the retirement pensions in France, depending on the type of work you do.   One of them, Agirc, is, according to Le Parisien, not far from bancruptcy.

The one that we're obliged to pay into is RSI, (about half-way down the list) on account of running the gîte, payments that cover the non-insured parts of our healthcare and retirement pension if we ever get one.

Perhaps a little simplification is in order?  Not that I like to mention things like debt crises, government overspend, or anything.

Stop press:  Today (26th December), Le Parisien reports that a joint report from the Finance Office and the Social Affairs Office concludes that more than 1.7 billion euros could be saved every year by economies including reducing the number of organisations involved.  No shit, Sherlock.


Tim Trent said...

I wonder if this is like the Indian railways, a scheme that creates jobs for those otherwise unemployable due to overwhelming numbers needing work?

James Higham said...

debt crises, government overspend

Not today. Have a Merry Christmas.

Helen Devries said...

Quelle surprise

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