Sunday, 14 December 2014

The dark side

Had a trip to England to visit friends and swap pressies.   Nice time had by all; a pleasant break.

Though I'm wondering if I'm becoming a bit of a miserable old git.  Twice this break I was accused, in a joking fashion of course, and in the best possible taste,  of being somewhat towards the pessimistic side of things.

The first example was a josh from a good friend that I won't bore you with here.  The second was a gentle chiding from the wife in Marks & Sparks.  The conversation was about these products on sale, called Winter Diffusers (whatever they might be).

Me:  "Oh, look, Winter Diffusers..... now you can enjoy snow, ice, misery and chaos in the comfort of your own living room"
Wifey:  "Or you can marry Mark and it all happens automatically"

Having made a mental note to try to take a more positive slant on life in general, I have to record a failure on the ferry coming home:

Wifey:  "Oh look, we're on a higher deck than usual, deck 9"
Me:  "Hmm, harder to get out if we capsize."

I think I'd better get a grip here.   Marvin the Paranoid Android has nothing on me.


Helen Devries said...

Are you sure i did not marry you....

Mark Blackwell said...

A dreadful calumny on an irrepressible Pollyanna. ;)

James Higham said...

Your name has been submitted for the MGA* although I have to warn you I'm also vying for that award.

*Miserable Git Award

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