Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Best of a bad job

I reported in February 2013 on the bourse aux greffons, a market in which grafted apple trees were made and sold.  A graft fair rather than a craft fair, if you like. I bought four different trees and planted them.   It was not what you would call a success.

None of the grafts took.  Two of the rootstocks I bought grew vigorously, one is growing weedily, and the other died.  Oh well, live and learn.

However I have no need for random rootstock apple trees, so I figured I can leave the growing rootstock in place and graft my own trees onto them.  I have Granny Smith and Gala apple trees elsewhere in the garden, and I took a cutting from each and did my own grafts.  It was only a few minutes' work, and it might just get a good result.  After all, I can't possibly do any worse than the experts can I?

So the grafts are in place.  Nothing is happening yet, but then the parent trees are only just starting to swell their buds, so it's probably too early.  On the other hand, and completely off the subject, the asparagus is coming up. Good.

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