Sunday, 3 May 2015

Compressed Spring

Spring has been a bit strange this year - everything seems to be flowering at the same time.  The Daffs and Tulips were out at the same time, and now although the Daffs have passed, the Tulips and Wallflowers are out together, and the Iris are starting to flower as well.

The guests in the gîte were not blessed with good weather this weekend.  They arrived early Friday afternoon and I think they got about 15 minutes rain-free before they left on Sunday afternoon.  They had to take their pic-nic indoors in the dining room instead of on some carpet somewhere in the countryside.  They say that next time they're going to make sure they come at a sunny time.

But the heuchera looked nice in the rain.

And meanwhile, regardless of the weather outside, the Amaryllis are flowering profusely.


James Higham said...

Bank holiday here, must also be awful weather there. :)

CherryPie said...

The rain always brings out the best light in gardens :-)

The weather was a little bit iffy here today. I enjoyed sitting inside reading and looking out on my garden :-)

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