Tuesday, 14 July 2015


Toulouse, la cité rose, is the end point for the Canal du Midi, a centre of space research, and a place of historic importance.  There is also someone who reads my blog in that general area.  (Hi!)

We stopped off there on our way to Carcassonne.  I got two nice short-sleeved, collared shirts in the C&A sale for 15 euros (result!), had a nice burger lunch at l'Atelier du Burger, and bought some coffee in the Nespresso shop.  Culture vultures, us.

I've always been impressed by the Nespresso ad campaign.  It seems to combine poshness with a sense of self-parody - a bit of everyday posh, if you like.  We wandered into the immaculate shop, and went upstairs (where the buying and selling and tasting is done), and there was a picture of George Clooney in person to greet us.  All the coffees and machines were displayed in immaculate symmetry of design.  You could even get a free cup of coffee to confirm your preference.

Notwithstanding all that, I'm not sure that Nespresso isn't a bit too posh for plebs like us.  No sooner had we gone upstairs in the shop than I dropped a massive fart, and Anita spilt her free coffee all over the counter-top.  Never mind, as long as they continue to accept us for membership into their exclusive club, we'll buy their coffee cos it's good.

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Janice Freshwater said...

Hello, tried to comment yesterday but google swallowed my words. Don't comment much but I'm glad you liked Toulouse. I'm sure you've been before and done more than drunk the coffee. I follow your blog from time to time because I live south of Toulouse and its always fun to see what other Brits are doing in the area. Blogs by real people like you who comment on everyday things are a confirmation that we made the right decision in coming to rest down here. So keep up the good work, there are people out there who enjoy hearing about what you are doing.

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