Friday, 13 May 2016

Fast food

I'm finding that buying traditional "fast food" is getting a bit irritating these days.   Not that I especially mind dealing with an automatic vending machine, it's just that I keep having to tell it that I don't want any of the extra options that it keeps presenting.  I keep wanting to tell it to eff off.  Grumpy Old Man index is approaching 85% and rising.

Bill Bryson put it funnier in his book about Little Dribbling.  Something like "Would you like me to tell you all the things that I don't want with my burger and fries?  It's a long list: it's everything you sell except burger and fries".

But there was a bit of a giggle in the Laval KFC today.   One of the vending machines was representing the products on offer as shown in the photo below.

I'm wondering where I should insert my system disk, and whether my credit card would work as one.   And incidentally, the dog-eared notice on the bottom right of the photo tells customers that if they want any of the special offers, they have to ask at the desk.  (Because, presumably, the computer doesn't know about them.)  Methinks some IT  enhancement could be in order.


James Higham said...

I prefer to just go home and cook.

Mark In Mayenne said...

Well, of course, but we were in town for the day

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