Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Fire-Breathing Dragon

My wife runs a miniatures museum on site, and one of the buildings featured is a Wizards' Academy. It is guarded by a dragon in the basement. He's there to look after the treasure, and keep the tax inspectors away, of course, but just for fun I tell the younger visitors that he's for the central heating.

The real fire-breathing dragon on site is the wood-burnining boiler manufactured by Heizomat, which really is used for the central heating. It is powered by shredded wood chips which are delivered by a giant lorry into a big (30M cubed) bunker. About 33% of mainland France is given to forest, and wood-fired heating is encouraged by the government here as sustainable and carbon-neutral (over the lifetime of the tree)

It has a maximum power output of 100KW, and can heat the two gîte buildings and also the pool, even in the depths of Winter. I gave it a good clean-out today so that it can perform reliably over the Summer period, heating the pool and the water for washing.

The fire-breathing dragon

The plumbing


Lia said...

Hi, just spent a happy time reading through the whole of your blog.

You have the life, I can only dream of, lucky lucky you, mind you I can also see how much hard work has gone into your lifestyle, My hats off to you both.

I love the humour in your postings, makes you all the more human and warm for it.

The dragon in our house is me, lol.

Cogitator said...

You are too kind, thank you :)

The Machinist's Wife said...

It's the Dragon! Now, I understand. OH, I WANT ONE. (I should have read this post before I started my line of questioning!)

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