Sunday, 17 May 2009

Les Belles Chaises

It's a simple enough idea, but can lead to some great creativity. A little reason to bring people together, around an exhibition of decorated chairs. You can decorate whatever kind of chair you like in whatever style. You bring it into the centre of our little village of St Pierre sur Erve, and set it up in a tent specially provided for the purpose.

We started at 1.00 PM, and it went on till 6, and ended up with a chat over beers or kir in the bar. Very nice.

Last year was the first one, and this year being the second one, it's probably traditional by now. There's a few examples below, but really it's a social occasion.

Here's one with the theme of Africa

This is the wife's collection of miniature chairs from the museum; a "mini belles chaises" in fact

I just thought this head was dramatic

These chairs in different styles were laid out in a pattern but the wind blew them over. I think they look better this way :)

It looks comfortable, but is it art? Actually, it's the chair I took to sit on, with my reading material :)

1 comment:

Lia said...

Looks like you had a good day.
There's a work-shop in London, that helps support young women who have had a troubled life and they do this once a year as a form of therpy, it works really well for them

The weather looked delightful, jealous, jealous.

The 'wife's' chair was very posh, looked lovely.
Your dramatic head chair made my family laugh, they wanted to know if we had meet, as I have alopecia and the kids reckon the head looks like me lol, they are now calling me dramatic mum, little monsters.
You made me laugh with your comment on the wind blown chairs, but I have a feeling you were right.
The best chair of the day, however has to be your reading material chair, very practical and down to Earth.

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