Monday, 18 May 2009


I don't take any great exception to having slugs and snails in my garden: the grass snakes, toads and birds eat them. But they cause devastation if they get into the wrong place, so I don't have any problem about putting down slug pellets either, to keep them off my plants when I'm not there to do it myself.

This magnificent specimen, a good three inches long, was trundling over my veg patch while I was working on it today, so he got a flying lesson just after this picture was taken.


Gordon said...

What a magnificent beast. We too have whoppers like that in our Limousin jardin. With a tail wind I can chuck 'em about fifty metres but they keep coming back.

Lia said...

ha ha ha ha, so gladI'm not the only one who gives them flying lessons or is afraid of slug/snail pellets.

It wouldn't be o bad if they eat the weeds, but they *always * go for your best plants!!!!!!!

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