Friday, 31 July 2009

Short Break - Day2

We've got a boat trip round the gulf planned for this afternoon, with lunch thrown in, so that's half the day sorted. The morning? It's sunny, and who wants to have breakfast in a boring hotel full of stressed and distracted business people, when you can go out and have fresh, buttery croissants and coffee, sitting in the sunshine?

And it's market day! A nice pure wool sweater for me, only 35 euros from a lovely English lady, so a natter too, for good measure. It goes nicely with my indigo denhim jeans..... that, on reflection, I have relegated to gardening use, since they got holes in from swimming pool chemicals. Note to self: get new pair of indigo jeans to go with my new sweater.

Then a wander round the pedestrianised parts of Vannes. Buskers, art shops, little boutiques. A jazz band... and is that a tuba for the bass line? Seems to work, anyway!

Then, on to the port for the trip round the gulf. Islands, boats, wind, salt air, and sunshine off the water making moving silver jewellery. The pink house marks the entrance to the river leading into Vannes. If you own it, you can't recolour it, because it's on all the nautical maps. On past the restaurant where we ate the evening before, and out into deeper water. A long trip round the islands, a stop-off on the Isle des Moines, and back to Vannes.

And a special treat, as we came in: a dolphin playing with the boat!

Finally, at the end of the day, a jazz band in a bistrot. Everything such a band should be: skillful, entertaining, amusing.


Lia said...

I love that pink house, even the colour, must be the light over there making that colour so pretty;and it would match my skin tone of green.
Looks like you are having a nice break, good for you.
Wising you more blue sky days
Much love
Lia xx

Cogitator said...

Pink 'n' green.... isn't that Robin Hood's colours? Ah, no that would be Lincoln green maybe?

Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you for taking us along on this lovely journey. I hope to get there someday!

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