Saturday, 1 August 2009

Short Break - Day3

Well it's day three, and time to go home. But no hurry. How about some more coffee and croissants in that sunny little café? And we can see the city walls and gardens that we didn't get to yesterday.

And on the road, via the ruined castle at Elven, with the highest keep in France. I wonder if you could see people waving in England? A beautiful setting, in the middle of quiet woodlands.

Then on to our last stop, Rochefort en Terre, with its ruined castle, lovely bookshop, and oh-so-cutsey main street. And a sweet shop! More chocolates than you could wave a stick at :) A souvenir necklace for the wife, hand-made to order, a crèpe in a random selection from the many créperies available (featured in the Guide Routard, don't you know) and then, on home.

And I have a new concept of heaven: Three months, a sailboard and a stay on the gulf of Morbihan, exploring all the islands, bays, cafés, estuaries, creeks, dunes......


Lia said...

Such a lovely trip you have had and blue sky days for you as well.
Good to see you both enjoying yourselves and relaxing.
much love,
Lia. xx

ReedBunting said...

I was waving, did you see me? :)

Mimi Lenox said...

A castle!! It looks like Bloggingham! (sort of)

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