Saturday, 5 September 2009

Jardin de La Perrine

My mum and her partner are visiting for a short while so this afternoon we went to visit a little garden about an hour away, that we had not seen before. The Jardin de La Perrine has an intimate feel, quite English in style, and the atmosphere reminded me very much of the lovely Savill Garden near Egham (complete with running water at the valley bottom), that I used to visit a few times each year.

Here's a few pictures:

But the best live entertainment came from this chappie, who thought my shoelaces needed a bit of stretching:


Lia said...

What a beautiful garden.
I do so love the photo of the gate leading you down to another part of the garden.

You do seem to have had a week for cats, what a little sweetie.

Much love,
Lia xx

ReedBunting said...

I totally agree with Lia, it's beautiful. I especially like the stepping stones across the stream.

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