Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Pine bark (woof!)

One of my garden projects is to sort out the flower/shrub bed next to the car park. This involves pick-axeing the weeds and stones out, covering the surface in pine bark to keep the weeds down, and planting some shrubs. Not neccesarily in that order. Happily, my mum and her partner both like gardening, so we have made some good progress this week, while they have been holidaying here.

Here are three areas of the bed: Distant - with pine bark, middle - worked, no bark, foreground - weedy.

So we go collect a trailer load of pine bark, and put it on the ground. Much better.

About half of the total area is done by now...only about three week's work left to do.


@eloh said...

That is really quite the change. I hope everyone who uses that area appreciates your work.

Tim Trent said...

Lord I must be dense today. Watch it!

I took for ever to work out why "Woof!"

Cogitator said...

Hey Tim, nice to hear from you. Sorry to hear your brain is not up to its usual level of sharpness!

ReedBunting said...

Perhaps, in addition to your music courses, you should advertise gardening courses!! Then you could get all your gardening done for free :)

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