Thursday, 17 June 2010

Pink pinked Pinks

This Pink is out in bloom by my car park. I have never seen so many blooms on a single Pink before. I read somewhere that they are called Pinks not for their colour (although they are usually pink) but for their pinked edges, that look like they have been cut with pinking shears. The nearest definition that I could find online for "pink" that would correspond to this was "to cut with a perforated pattern".

The gaillardia are also out. The word comes from "vigorous", and is a reference to the sheer number of flowers they make. And in French, a gaillard is a strapping fellow.

And here's a pretty pink and white Poppy, for free. Don't ask me where the word "poppy" comes from, I have no idea :)


Lia said...

Hello You,
Your garden is looking great.
Thanks for your e-mail, I'm back now and looking forward to catching up with you. I do hope you have been well.
Much love

the fly in the web said...

I've put an award for you over at mine, but don't worry about doing anything about's just a small sign of appreciation for a super blog with great photographs.

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