Saturday, 5 June 2010

Adults' music evening

Evron School of Music is unusual in France in accepting adult students. It seems a shame to me that the enthusiastic involvement of adults in this aspect of the life of the school is missing in other music schools. As part of its celebration of its adult students, Evron school held it adult student music concert last night.

It was great fun. All levels of players were there, and as special dispensation, some children were even allowed to play alongside as part of a "families" slot. The teachers also gave a couple of performances, one a jazz band, and the other a rhythmic piece based on spoken words. It was good to see people just having fun doing what they're paid to do.

I played in two slots, first with my unusual trio (flute, sax and cello) a transcription of Albéniz' Tango, and secondly, alllll aloooone doing Telemann's second fantasia for solo flute in A minor. Both were pretty cool, although as ever, I'm sure I played better at home. I am enjoying the formal performance opportunities presented by the school, and they help enormously with nerves.

After the performance, a bring-and-share buffet, relax and natter for all the participants.


ReedBunting said...

Sounds like great fun! Lovely pictures by the way - can't understand why other colleges don't accept adult students.

Jonathan said...

Well done! Solos are the toughest gigs, especially when others know the material you're playing.

Your trio sounds very interesting. But I have to say, the squeeze-box, trumpet and vibes group in the picture looks most unusual. It's as if you all drew lots from a hat to decide line-ups.

Cogitator said...

It was a bundle of fun. Actually, there was a piano too, and drums, but they didn't fit in the photo from where I was sitting. There was an electric bass turned up too, a bit later.

The music school is a bit like that; it's not as if sax, cello and flute is your standard line-up, either. But what the hell?

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