Sunday, 30 January 2011


When renovating the gîte, we planned a nice little patio, off from the dining room, at the back of the lodge. The idea was for people to take coffees out, or perhaps tea in the sunshine of an afternoon, so we made it big enough for about 12 people, or half what the gîte can accommodate.

Mistake. What actually happens is that our guests like to eat a barbecue outside in the sunshine of a lunchtime, so, in fact the terrace was too small. So this Winter we set about enlarging it, and while we were at it, a pétanque pitch seemed like a good idea. Oh, and why not extend the concrete path around the end of the lodge so that wheelchairs can get there? Works have been going on this last week.

This is the terrace as it used to be; quite small but friendly. And the enormous digger Mr Chaudet brought to clear the way for the new terrace.

So now there is a new pétanque pitch, and although the patio isn't finished, you can see where it's going to be.

Just one question: What happened to all the earth, rocks and rubble that were scraped away to make room for all this? I'm glad you asked. It's all at the bottom of the field. I always had in mind to build a dry stone wall and backfill it with earth to make a terrace there. Well, now's my chance. A bit of effort might be needed. But I thought I might build some sort of pergola at the top, to look down on the valley of a Summer afernoon in the sunshine. Maybe it will be a popular place for tea.

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the fly in the web said...

I like the idea of the terrace with pergola...that would really appeal to me.

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