Saturday, 30 April 2011

Snail food

A random trip to the garden centre to get some mildew-killer for the roses, and we found these geraniums that have a perfect colour match with the gîte. They are great for planting in pots since they don't give up the ghost as soon as you forget to water them, so they will go into the planters in front of the pool. That's if the snails don't get them first.

Also a freebie pic of the roses themselves.


Mark said...

I've been away a couple of weeks writing but have been catching up if not always commenting- your garden looks stunning.

Glad you liked James Whyte - he also wrote a book called A load of Old Blair, which I have just ordered

Jonathan said...

We've been using lines of crushed eggshells (we bake them first) to deter slugs and snails. It hasn't rained for weeks so the slimy devils must be starving. Downpours predicted and if it rains too heavily the eggshell wall tends to get breached

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