Sunday, 3 July 2011

Cart vitale - 2

A sunny Sunday afternoon, the ideal time for fixing my water-carrying cart. Last time I tried to use it, the handle broke, so I went off to get a new bit of wood, and also invest in a proper tow-ball towing hook, the better to attach it to my mower.

A fancy new tow hook for the ball on the back of the mower. New pine handle too, though I was a bit worried it might not be strong enough.

The jerricans hold 25 litres each; there are 13 of them. Total load 325 kilos. My mower can just about manage to pull the cart loaded up with water from the well.

Did it work? No. The cross-member to which the handle was attached at the front of the cart couldn't take the load, and split. Time for a pause and a new cross-member.


Jonathan said...

I find myself slightly worried from an aesthetic angle but I'm sure the new piece will weather in soon enough. Your tenacity is an inspiration.

Mark In Mayenne said...

Yes, the asthetics do leave something to be desired. However my approach is a pragmatic one, and there is a certain panache in the clash, I like to think of it as art, rather like the jazz musician who plays deliberately out of the "home" key. :)

Jonathan said...

I love that phrase 'panache in the clash' and it would have described perfectly a garden seat I once made from tree prunings mixed with left-over roofing timbers. (I called it the 'semi-rustic'.) If you don't mind I'll use this phrase when the suitability of my artistic contribution is next called into question.

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