Sunday, 10 July 2011

Trolling in Paris

The word "trolling" seems to have taken on the meaning "to post abusive comments on a blog or public website" but for me its meaning is "to wander aimlessly". The purpose of our trip to Paris was to attend a Paul Simon concert on the Wednesday evening, but it presented the opportunity to wander around Paris during the days before and after.

The concert was excellent. Although the focus was the presentation of the new album "So Beautiful or So What", Paul Simon gave us a lot of old favourites too, going back as far as The Sound of Silence which he presented as a solo item with acoustic guitar. I can't decide if that song is even more relevant today with the likes of Facebook and blogs, or if these technologies undermine its message. I guess time will tell.

Meanwhile, a street market in Paris is clearly not complete without a bike-propelled mobile coffee stall. The water is heated by a gas cylinder in the box, and the grinder is battery powered. The big levers on the top of the device that look like beer pulls are hand pumps that push the water through the coffee grounds. And the coffee was great. The ice cream was from Amorinos, the shop being disappointing only in that it didn't do hot chocolate or coffee as well (that's the shop at the Bastille, apparently) But the ice cream was good.

And a suprise fly-by in honour of our visit.


Jonathan said...

It seems you made the most of your trip. Paul Simon is definitely one of the greats. Small in stature perhaps, but a giant in so many ways.

Mark In Mayenne said...

Yes he was dwarfed by his fellow-musicians on stage, but he has a big personal impact.

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