Friday, 1 July 2011


Here, in the throbbing metropolis of St Pierre sur Erve, there is always something to be getting on with. During the weekends we are looking after clients, and between clients there is gardening that has to be done, and even if it's raining, there are housework and renovation projects to do indoors. Taking a break is a discipline, but a necessary one. This Wednesday we went off to lunch La Flèche.

World-famous in Pays de La Loire for its zoo, La Flèche is a pretty town on the banks of Le Loir, with a nice restaurant in a converted mill close to the town centre. Lunch there, followed by a troll around the town. B&B in a nearby chateau with a pretty garden, and the next day, a little walk along the river. Saw three Kingfishers, but I wasn't anywhere near fast enough to capture them on camera.

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