Thursday, 9 January 2014


I am in the unusual and temporary situation of having to cater for myself.  Before she disappears, Anita likes to make sure I'm going to have enough food around not to starve, so she makes a good effort to buy a stock of things that I am prepared to cook for myself and that I like.

I am not a bad cook.  Nothing like as good as Anita who is a first-rate cook when she puts her mind to it, but I can follow a recipe and turn out a decent meal when the motivation strikes.  The main problem is that motivation doesn't strike very often, and not at all when I'm on my own.  I simply don't see the point of preparing an elaborate dish for one.

What's more, since the meals aren't magically appearing at about the right time, I only start thinking about food when I'm hungry, by which time of course, it's too late to prepare anything that isn't quick.  So although I used to ask Anita to buy in some chops or a piece of steak or something that I can cook with some trimmings, when she came back, what was left in the fridge was always moldering pieces of meat and some furry vegetables.

So Instant Microwave Meals For One it is, then.   I must say they've improved a lot over the years, though the portions are a bit miserly.  Today's was a pasta-in-a-pot thing from The Laughing Cow, a brand owned by Bel, about whom I have written before.  It wasn't bad, although, inevitably, there was a lot less to eat than you might imagine from the package.  It took two minutes to cook and about the same to eat.

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James Higham said...

Tch tch - where are the crepes suzette?

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