Saturday, 31 October 2015

Bent trees

Not far from Epernay is a small forest featuring Beech trees with a genetic mutation that causes them to grow in short, twisted shapes.  You can visit the forest and it has been marked out with trails and tracks.   The trees are now surrounded by barriers so you can't carve your initials into the bark, or damage the low-hanging branches by walking on them.

The wood is known by the name of the Faux de Verzy, Fau being the old French name for Beech, and Verzy being the nearest town.  (Champagne also features the villages of Bouzy and Dizy, which I thought was cute)

The forest walks claim to be suitable for people with various handicaps, including blind people, but I must admit I struggled to understand how blind people would benefit from a collection of trees that you can't touch.

However, we had a pleasant walk in a quiet woods, a short break in our Champagne hunting.


Tim Trent said...

The joy of a beech forest is to be able to look up through the leaves at the special quality they bring to the light. Have they removed this joy with the barriers?

James Higham said...

Agree with Tim. You've getting away from me a bit here, Mark - three posts in as many days.

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