Thursday, 29 October 2015

French, not French

In the little town of Hautvillers, we saw two things of note, one of which struck us as typically French, the other as counter to almost everything similar in France that we had encountered before.

The Champagne tasting and sale shop, at 3, rue Dom Perginon proudly annouces that it is open, amonst other times, 10h30 - 18h00, all week except Mondays, all year with certain exceptions November - March.  Except, apparently, right when we were there.  Very French.

The public toilets were exemplary.  Clean, spotless even, accessible, and with the gentlemens' urinals shielded from prudish view by batwing doors.  Clearly catering for tourists who expect nothing less, especially, I imagine, our American cousins.  Not French at all.

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wiggiatlarge said...

The opening or non opening hours in much of Europe are like that, many years ago we travelled to a town famous for ceramics in the Abruzzi in Italy, to see the tiled ceiling in the old church, it is also a museum.
Phoned ahead to make sure it was open, but when we got there it was closed and no one had a key, the only good thing was the ceramics school next door felt sorry for us after the journey gave us a personal tour of all that was going on and a tour with guidance of there museum which was wonderful.

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