Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Fuchsia Magellanica Riccartonii

I got told off once by an unpleasant botanist for calling this plant a Fuchsia Riccartonii in a casual conversation, but that doesn't have to stop me from usng the correct name as the title to this blog, however cantankerous and contrary I might be.

This one is in what is probably the coldest part of my garden.  The bay tree that used to be here had to be moved, since the full exposure to north winds ripped any growing material from the exposed branches.   It is now going great guns somewhere else in the garden.   The Ricartonii, however, tucks itself up under the ground for the Winter, and seems to survive.

It's dripping with flowers at the moment, quite a good display.  I'm surprised and pleased.

These Fuchsia are particularly difficult to propagate from cuttings, but I got both of my plants this way, though I can't remember where the parent plant was that made the donation.


CherryPie said...

A bit of late colour in the garden is always a welcome surprise :-)

James Higham said...

Oh, a Magellanica - wow!

Mark In Mayenne said...

yes, the Magellanica is everyone's favourite!

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