Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Old year's resolution

I took a look at the pictures I have been taking recently and they look like I have been suffering from even more shaky hands than usual. I like digital cameras in part because their high sensitivity gives them greater immunity to shake. But these were uniformly worse than usual. Detective work revealed that I had somehow managed to set my camera to 640x480 resolution. Fortunately it hasn't been set like that for long.

So anyway here's a couple of pictures where I like what the light was doing, in the first one highlighting the trees across the valley and in the second one, lighting the way. Finally two views in the evening sun from my thotful spot on top of the cliffs.


Mark said...

Wish I had local views like that in Wiltshire - mind you at my house in wales it is pretty good too.

the fly in the web said...

Beautiful views.
I love the woodland.

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