Thursday, 24 March 2011


Spring seems to be well under way, and quite a bit earlier than usual. Some of the flowers are out already and buds are appearing everywhere. But nothing quite does it for me like daffodils. Plain, ordinary, light and dark yellow daffs. Can't beat 'em.

But the Wisteria buds are full of promise and the waxy, red-edged leaves of the roses are a delight in themselves. And the Hellebores are out too.


Tim Trent said...

I always like your pictures of the garden and the plants

Mark said...

I had a beautiful wisteria at my new house - day two we are here and my father in law hacked it mercilessly (as a favour he said!). He knows nothing about plants and I'm told it will just about recover in a few years - idiot! I was so mad.

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