Thursday, 15 September 2011

Pots 2 - Native American weed pot

The general style of the Native American weed pot is of a bulbous vessel with one or more narrow, elongated openings. They were traditionally used for displaying grasses in flower or seed.

This one we bought on a holiday trip to Arizona. Its style is traditional but the execution is modern. The glaze is shinier, and the abstract pattern more complex and better-defined than would be the case on an original.

I brought it home and displayed it on the window-sill, and enthusiastically gathered some grasses from the garden, together with their seed plumes, to put in it. Two days later, my eyes were red, itchy, puffy and streaming, and I was sneezing all the time. Taking the grasses out of the pot solved this problem, and I can now with some confidence state that I'm allergic to grass pollen. And the pot is nowadays for decoration only.


the fly in the web said...

That is a super piece...we collect pots and the form of this one is a beauty.

I saw some Lenka pottery in and white...and then found a pottery where an Italian designer was working with traditional potters to create a commercial range.
It had only just started up, so I'd like to go back in a couple of years and see how it worked out...providing it survives the conditions after the coup.

@eloh said...

Very nice. I don't recall ever seeing SW pottery in black and white.

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